What should I do before I contact Areli Web Design?

Buy your space name and facilitating arrangement. When you have a site there are yearly charges for your space name (www.myname.com) and month to month expenses for your facilitating arrangement (where your site will “live”). Ordinarily you can buy both of these with the same organization. Likewise with whatever else, attempt to discover an organization that offers more for less. For instance, pick an organization that offers free email accounts on the off chance that you know you need various email addresses on your site. Then again, in the event that you realize that you are going to need ¬†to include feature and/or sound to your site, pick a bundle that offers a great deal of Megabytes (space for your site to “live”) so you will have space to extend unreservedly.

What will happen once I contact Areli Web Design?

When you contact Areli Web Design, please provide your name, company name, contact numbers, e-mail address, & any questions/comments you might have.  Expect an e-mailed response within 48 hours.

How long will it take to have my website up?

When you have issued every one of us of your fundamental “paperwork” and your store, a three week turn around time is normal in most circumstances for finishing of your site.

What happens once my website is completed? Can I change and or add information?

Yes, once your finished site has been distributed, any future alters and increases will be charged at $25/hour. (This expense will be expert evaluated for each 1/2 hour.) It is suggested that you order your alters and changes and send them over once a month. Along these lines, you can keep your support expenses low.